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Extreme Synergy Corporation

ES3 Financial Services

ES3 Financial Services has access to the resources necessary to support ongoing growth and development into the future. Our financial partners are dedicated to providing valuable solutions for the utmost financial success.

  • Banking Relationships

  • Board Participation

  • Capital Funding

  • Foundation Participation

  • Mergers & Acquisition

  • Merchant Services

  • Organizational Fundraising

  • Nonprofit Fundraising

  • Private Equity

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ES3 Playbook

We introduced ES3 Playbook, an Extreme Synergy sports publication focusing on the Central Florida sports scene. ES3 Playbook highlights Central Florida’s sports programs and athletes while educating and inspiring parents on the various aspects of sports. Every parent wants what is best for their developing athlete, and the information can be overwhelming and intimidating to some. ES3 has partnered with some of the most knowledgeable sports professionals in the industry to supply parents with the proper tools to make an educated decision in the complex world of sports at every level.

Extreme Synergy Corporation

ES3 Sports

ES3 Sports is a full-service consulting group dedicated to the “outside the lines” sports business to help you create the ultimate sports experience.

From marketing campaigns to contract negotiations, we can develop the right plan for your event. We assist groups, individuals, and businesses alike in addressing all facets of sports programs and events from the idea stage to game time.

Our years of experience in producing numerous successful events, creating award-winning venues, and managing the event experience at all levels will give your group the confidence that “your goals are our focus.”

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  • Contract Negotiating

  • Public Relations/Media

  • Event Management

  • Speakers Bureau

  • Events Staffing

  • Sponsorships

  • Fan/Player Experience

  • Venue Construction

  • Fundraising Campaigns

  • Venue Location

  • League Development

  • Venue Services

  • Marketing Strategies


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ES3 Youth Foundation

ES3 Youth Foundation is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization dedicated and focused on building positive life skills through sports for today’s youth. It is essential that children receive the attention and mentoring needed to develop to their full potential. Therefore, ES3 Youth Foundation’s goal is to provide programs that will teach skills for success and create a fun and safe learning environment.

Our team has vast experience developing and managing youth sports and recreational programs for thousands of children teaching core values such as character, perseverance, integrity, sportsmanship, dedication, teamwork, leadership, sacrifice, and hard work representing the ES3 Youth Foundation.

We promote the value and importance of sports and physical activities in youth's emotional, physical, social, and mental development. Through spirited competition and a drive for excellence, we believe the lives of youngsters will be positively impacted.

Further, our mission is to educate parents on making the best choices for their child’s development in sports.

If you would like to make a difference as a volunteer, please contact us by phone or email. To make a tax-deductible contribution, please do so by selecting DONATE NOW.

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